Rivvit-Insight: Easy Investment Data Analytics & Reports

Self-service dashboards and reports

Gain fast insights from your data

Rivvit-Insight provides your team with self-service access to custom financial services analytics, dashboards, reports, and workflow applications. Based on your key business drivers and performance metrics, Rivvit-Insight drives faster decision-making ability and measurable outcomes. 

financial services analytics & data quality insight software screenshot

White-labeled reporting and analytics for your business

Leveraging our configurable framework, Rivvit-Insight offers financial services analytics and tools tailored to each client based on their specific business needs.


User interface and workflows customized for you and your unique data sources and calculation methodologies

Flexible Dashboards
and Reports

Whether you are an executive, manager, or analyst, Rivvit-Insight can be tailored to display information that is most important to you.


With Rivvit-Insight, you can enjoy the look and feel of a custom portal software while benefiting from a proven framework that is fast to deploy.


Powerful tools to transform your business

Customized Dashboards & Reports

Publish custom dashboards and reports using our integration with Microsoft PowerBI.

Document Management

Store and archive reports, legal documents, file imports, and custom data extracts all in one place for easy access.

Investment Guidelines Monitoring

Monitor eligibility criteria, concentration limits, and other compliance targets based on your portfolio strategy, tactical and strategic targets, and/or offering documents, while optimizing performance.  

No-Code Query Builder

Build, save, and share custom queries and dashboards without writing code.

Data Quality Management

Detect data issues and manage exceptions based on your business rules, quality standards, and data integrity workflows.

Real-Time Status Dashboards

Track real-time status of business-critical workflows such as inbound ingestion, outbound file delivery, and other automated procedures using Rivvit’s scheduling and event tracking module. 

Ready to see Rivvit financial services analytics in action? We’d love to give you a tour. Let’s connect.