Streamline Data Management with Rivvit-IDW:
Your Investment Data Warehouse Solution

Investment data warehouse based on industry best practices

A single version of truth for your investment data

Rivvit-IDW is a state-of-the-art investment data warehouse built based on industry best practices for investment management firms.  Rivvit-IDW contains a pre-built relational data model that contains the common data elements that investment managers need for reporting. Setup is as simple as mapping your source fields to Rivvit’s target fields.

Rivvit investment data warehouse diagram​

Reduce development time and cost; gain control of your data

Custom data warehouse projects typically take 12 to 18 months (or more) to complete, but there is a better way. We have designed a re-usable investment data warehouse architecture based on decades of experience building data management solutions for investment managers. The result: a production-ready investment data management warehouse in a fraction of the time and cost of custom development.

Faster implementation

Leveraging a sophisticated low-code framework, we’ve streamlined a dynamic, configurable ETL process that is integrated with Rivvit enterprise data management software

Simple mapping

Just send us your raw data and we will map your required source fields to target tables and fields in our existing architecture

Highly flexible

Are we missing a table or field? No problem. We support user-defined tables and fields and continuously add new schema to our core library based on client use.

Onboard your data fast

Rivvit-IDW contains more than 1,000 common data elements spanning foundational investment domains including portfolio hierarchy, security master, accounting, portfolio monitoring, and more.

investment data warehouse chart

For more information visit: Rivvit Financial Data Management Platform

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