Efficient Investment Guidelines Monitoring

Manage compliance with contractual and regulatory mandates

Make investment guidelines monitoring simple with Rivvit’s compliance rules engine. You can more easily manage portfolios in accordance with governing documents, regulatory guidelines, and asset allocation strategies.

Rivvit-Guidelines models compliance rules based on your unique data sources and conventions with rule templates to calculate issuer limits, concentration limits, weighted average targets, and eligibility criteria.

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Manage compliance with investment guidelines monitoring

Rule templates

Our dynamic compliance rules engine templates allow simple configuration of compliance tests with defined parameters for numerator and denominator basis, hard and soft thresholds, aggregation methods, and other options that drive downstream reporting.

Ultimate transparency

Our robust architecture provides ultimate transparency into the constituents of each test result by storing both summary and detail results for each test. This allows portfolio managers to pinpoint the root cause(s) of any test failure with a simple click.

Analysis and reports

With hard and soft warnings, cushion analysis, and record level contributions percentages, Rivvit-Guidelines provides investment managers a tool for pre-trade analysis, portfolio allocations, and post trade compliance reporting.

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