Rivvit-DQM: Premier Financial Data Quality Management Software

Monitor your data health in real time

Ensure your data is accurate and complete

Poor data quality leads to operational inefficiencies and risk, and can have significant consequences from a financial, legal, and reputational perspective. Rivvit DQM offers a financial data quality management engine that follows data governance best practices. With a controlled framework to set up data quality rules, detect issues, and manage ongoing exceptions, Rivvit DQM gives you confidence in the health of your data.

Trust your data with Rivvit's financial data quality management engine


Trust your data

Get real-time insight into the quality of your data

Summary dashboards highlighting and segmenting exceptions by data domain, data steward, source system, and level of criticality to provide quick insight into patterns, trends, and root causes.

Manage exceptions as easily  as an email inbox

With an embedded exception management workflow, Rivvit DQM detects new exceptions and offers the tools needed to research, prioritize, and assign issues – all with a complete audit trail.

Focus on resolving issues instead of finding them

By eliminating the need to sift through massive data sets or manually review reports for data errors, users proactively address the root cause by improving upstream process controls.


Continuously monitor and manage your financial data quality

Fast and Easy Setup​

Fast and Easy Setup

Configurable workflow for defining data sources, business rules, and tolerances

Data Governance​

Data Governance

Enforced best practices to enable data stewards to ensure data integrity

Issue Detection​

Issue Detection

Automated detection of data errors and outliers leveraging proprietary rules engine

Exception Management ​

Exception Management

Embedded workflow to prioritize, watch, snooze, comment, and assign exceptions

Management Metrics

Management Metrics

Dashboards highlighting the status and quality of critical data for key reporting dates

Audit Trail​

Audit Trail

Comprehensive audit trail capturing the lifecycle of exceptions over time

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