Our proprietary managed data and reporting platform, Rivvit, integrates disparate data to deliver a single source of truth that is actionable and reliable

By creating a single source of truth for your portfolio data, Rivvit provides the foundation to produce outputs required for client reporting, compliance, performance, attribution, fee calculations, and risk management.

Data Management

Data from disparate sources is loaded into Rivvit in native formats, and transformed into standardized formats using our proprietary rules engine. The cleansed data is mapped and loaded into our investment data warehouse with a dedicated client data mart to support standard and custom data sets.

Reporting and Analytics

Rivvit includes standard reports, dashboards, and calculation functions that are common across the investment industry. We also offer flexibility for custom data models, reports, dashboards, and calculations. Our data architecture delivers unmatched transparency into underlying data for key calculations.

Managed Services

We provide setup and oversight of inbound and outbound data feeds. Our team handles system configuration, business rules, and custom reporting for your specific business needs. We apply best practices for data governance to ensure quality data.

Rivvit supports common data elements
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Additional Features
Document Library
Upload and retrieve important documents and data files
Set up, calculate, and produce invoices for various client fee structures
Configure investment guidelines, view compliance history, and perform hypothetical trade analysis
Configure matching rules and exception thresholds to compare data sets and manage exceptions
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