Financial technology
strategy services

Our financial technology strategy services help clients navigate the dynamic technology landscape. From selecting the right tools to  ensuring scalability, you get strategic guidance that aligns technology solutions with business objectives.

Aligning technology with people, processes, and data

Technology has become an important differentiator for financial services and investment firms seeking to drive innovation and value while improving efficiency and managing costs. By devising a strategy that harmonizes technology with people, processes, and data, we help you supercharge operational efficiency, elevate decision-making, and propel your business to new heights of success.


Scaling for Success

We assess your current and future technology landscape, shaping a technology roadmap to fuel business scalability and growth.

  • Strategic Roadmap Develop a comprehensive technology roadmap
  • Build vs. Buy Analysis Provide insights for build-versus-buy decisions
  • Future-Ready Framework Craft a target state operating model
  • Vendor Selection Expertise: Evaluate and select vendors strategically


Elevating your team

We offer invaluable insights for organizational planning, pinpointing the necessary skills and teams vital to propel your business toward growth.

  • Structural Clarity Identify the optimal organizational structure.
  • Gap Analysis Evaluate the current state and pinpoint crucial gaps.
  • Job Description Precision Craft precise and effective job descriptions.


Maximizing Data ROI

We collaborate with you to create a strategy that maximizes your data’s return on investment.

  • Market Data Analysis Thoroughly analyze market data expenditure.
  • Data Governance Excellence Establish a robust data governance
    framework and stewardship model.
  • Operational Optimization Identify opportunities to achieve straight-through processing.


Streamlining Cross-Functional Workflows

As your business evolves, we streamline business processes and teams to ensure cross-functional workflows remain efficient and effective.

  • Roles and Responsibilities Clarify roles, responsibilities, and dependencies.
  • Tech Integration Insight Understand how people interact with technology.
  • Automation Efficiency Automate critical touchpoints, handoffs, and communication.

Charting your transformation course

Our technology strategy approach yields a high-value roadmap that defines the trajectory for your transformation.
This roadmap includes identifying the most suitable technologies, offering guidance for implementing project plans, and
providing robust support for your business case.

Uncovering vital insights

Requirements and discovery:

Uncovering vital insights

Gain a deep understanding of your business situation, pain points, desired outcomes, required technology features, and success criteria through comprehensive requirements and discovery processes.

Assessing your foundation

Current state analysis:

Assessing your foundation

Conduct an exhaustive examination of your existing data sources, process flows, reporting outputs, and end consumers to inform your transformation journey.

Optimizing Data Flow


Optimizing Data Flow

With precision timing and a focus on data quality, construct a logical data flow. Map data elements from source to target, defining hierarchies, translations, and essential business rules.
Blueprinting future success

Target operating model:

Blueprinting future success

Craft a clear and adaptable target state operating model that aligns with your current business needs and ensures future resilience.

Navigating short and long-term goals

Gap analysis:

Navigating short and
long-term goals

Identify areas of focus, both for short-term “quick-wins” and long-term strategic vision, by comparing your current and target states.

Streamlined Provider Identification

Vendor selection:

Streamlined Provider

Utilize our vendor evaluation methodology to efficiently identify key providers within your technology stack.

Client success story

Learn how a premier financial institution upgraded its legacy systems and outdated data management infrastructure to achieve a single source of truth, while improving latency, quality, and governance.


Our strategic framework aligns key elements of your organization and technology environment to help you reach your goals faster. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, scale, accelerate product launches, or grow into new markets, Grandview’s financial technology strategy services carve a clear path toward enhanced operational efficiency, improved decision-making, and overall business success.