Systems Integration

Accelerate informed decision-making with accurate and timely data

Disconnected technology systems lead to fragmented data, teams, and operations, which can increase costs, drain resources, and affect decision-making. We know the value an integrated data ecosystem brings to financial services firms. Grandview integrates market data providers with Investment Book of Records (IBOR) and Accounting Book of Records (ABOR) to ensure data flows fluidly across all technology components and business processes. Our systems integration services help reduce IT complexity and increase the return on your technology and market data investments.

Whether new or old, we’ll integrate your various data sources to provide a centralized, single source of truth that enables you to automate and simplify processes, and improve the flow of quality data across your organization.

Client Profile

Learn how an asset manager integrated data from 20 providers and saved more than $1 million by eliminating redundant data sources.