Strategic Advisory: Financial Technology Strategy

Financial technology strategy and data governance strategy advisory services

Grandview Analytics offers financial technology consulting and advisory services that empower financial services organizations to achieve sustainable growth and stay ahead of the competition. We work closely with your firm to gain a deep understanding of your unique business objectives, challenges, and budget, and then design a strategy tailored for you. With a strategy that aligns people, process, data, and technology, you can enhance operational efficiency, improve decision-making, and drive overall business success.

Our financial technology strategy advisory services include: 


We provide guidance on organizational planning by identifying skills and teams needed to propel your business along its growth trajectory.

  • Identify organizational structure

  • Evaluate current state and identify gaps

  • Write job descriptions

group meeting for financial technology strategy
Stacking blocks representing the financial technology consulting process


As your business evolves, we’ll help restructure business processes and teams to ensure cross-functional workflows are efficient and effective.

  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and dependencies
  • Understand how people interact with technology
  • Automate critical touchpoints, handoffs, and communication

Data Governance Strategy

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that maximizes the return on investment for your data.

  • Analyze market data spend

  • Create data governance framework and stewardship model

  • Identify opportunities to achieve straight-thru-processing

Abstract image representing data governance strategy
Abstract high tech image representing financial technology strategy


We analyze current and future state of your technology environment and develop a technology roadmap that allows you to scale your business and drive growth opportunities.

  • Develop technology roadmap

  • Provide build vs. buy assessment

  • Create target state operating model

  • Evaluate and select vendors

Business-driven approach

Our Strategic Advisory approach focuses on your unique business requirements, resulting in recommendations to optimize the people, process, and technology that drive your business.

Requirements and discovery

Understand the business situation, pain points, desired outcomes, technology features, and success criteria

Current state analysis

Inventory existing data sources, process flows, reporting outputs, and end consumers

Target operating model

Define a target state operating model that supports your business now and into the future

Gap analysis

Based on the current and target state, identify areas of focus to achieve short term “quick-wins” and the long-term strategic vision



With a keen eye on timing, availability, and quality of data, create a logical data flow, map data elements from source to target, and define hierarchy, translation, and other business rules

Vendor selection

Leverage our vendor evaluation methodology to streamline the identification of key providers in your technology stack