Unlock the Power of Financial Data and Analytics

Financial data and analytics services

Optimize your data environment to make critical business decisions with confidence

From data strategy and design to data culture transformation, Grandview’s financial data and analytics services give clients the data they need to manage investments, measure risk and performance, and make informed and timely business decisions.

We believe that reliable, accessible, and transparent data sets are critical to your business operations. We help clients implement a controlled framework to ensure data is on time, accurate, and available in usable formats.


Become a data-driven organization

intelligent, data-driven decisions

Unlock clear and relevant insights that drive intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Increase data accessibility

Increase data accessibility in a controlled and regulated framework.

documentation of system and data architecture

More dynamic documentation of system and data architecture that is accessible, relevant and transparent.

data visualization and reporting

Provide custom, flexible, and interactive data visualization and reporting of your information.

engagement and data stewardship

Improve engagement and data stewardship by business users.

data analysis and business intelligence tools

Upgrade ad-hoc analysis capabilities by implementing data analysis and business intelligence tools.


Empowering you to do more with your financial data and analytics

Data Strategy

With the growing demand for transparency from investors and regulators, our most innovative clients are seeking ways to leverage their data to create new revenue streams and provide value-add services to end consumers.

Data Governance Strategy

We help our clients stand up a data governance strategy for stakeholders to set enterprise policy standards related to the definition, ownership, quality, timing, and use of data across the organization. By performing advanced data analysis to quantify the impact of such decisions, we quickly build consensus for large, complex organizations.

Data Spend Analysis ​

Whether buying data from a vendor or creating it internally, data is expensive and requires both technical and operational oversight. We help our clients reduce data spend by eliminating redundant processes and optimizing the use of their available data sets across the organization.

Reporting Strategy and Design

The distribution of information through reports, dashboards, and data files can quickly become unwieldy if a proper framework is not in place to ensure certain standards are met. We help our clients scale by defining and implementing common data sets, standard report templates, and flexible dashboards.

Client Profile
Learn how multi-national insurance company enhanced portfolio risk and analytics capabilities for portfolio managers.