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Navigating Career Crossroads: How Pro Golfers’ Career Crossroads Echo Real-World Choices

Grandview President, Chris Lamb, reflects on how disruption in the golf world echoes real-world career choices and his entrepreneurship journey.

As a passionate golfer, I have watched with fascination as the LIV Golf Tour and the PGA Tour, two giants of the golfing world, announced their intention to merge in June 2023 – less than two years after LIV entered the scene and enticed many pros to leave the interminable PGA.  Now that the four majors are complete and the Ryder Cup was recaptured by the European team, the 2023 golf season is winding down with little commentary on the status and timeline of the anticipated merger.

It is apparent that one sticking point on the merger is the aspect of ensuring that an amenable alignment of compensation is achieved for the players that remained loyal to the PGA in lieu of chasing the promise of large pay-days and improved work environments that the LIV tour promised to the early adopters. (Other issues of the merger, such as the social issues surrounding the financial backers of LIV, are beyond the scope of this article, although worthy of acknowledgement).

As I watch this story unfold, I can’t help but draw parallels to the corporate world, where each day, disruption introduces new ideas and opportunities, and where professionals make tough choices about their careers, balancing the risks and rewards of one option vs. another.

Balancing career risk and reward

The LIV Golf players took a bold step by joining this new venture, which offered not only the promise of innovation but also favorable working conditions and substantial financial incentives. The large bonuses they received were compensation for the risks to their careers as well as their personal brands and reputations.

On the other hand, the PGA Tour players stayed loyal to the organization that had been the backbone of professional golf for decades. They opted not to chase the new opportunities offered by LIV Golf, instead honoring their longstanding commitment to the PGA Tour and the sense of tradition and community it offered. Their choice reflected a belief in the organization and its values.

This dynamic reflects the choices individuals make in their careers. While the allure of higher pay and novel experiences can be enticing, many professionals find lasting fulfillment in organizations where they have deep roots and a sense of purpose and belonging.

Taking the leap to entrepreneurship

My reflection takes me back to my own transformative career decision nearly 10 years ago to leave my safe, predictable career path working for a series of financial services companies to start a new business – Grandview Analytics. My cofounder, Matt Biver, and I had big ideas about this company and what we could do to transform the financial services industry through delivering innovative data and technology solutions to our clients.

I knew I was signing up for a tough road ahead, but imagined how rewarding it would be if we were successful. I certainly weighed the consequences of not being successful, how will I explain that to my family, friends, and peers? In a 3-month span my family expanded with the arrival of our first child, we moved to a new house, and I co-founded Grandview Analytics. Significant risks were considered, but the excitement of being a part of something new and the confidence that I had in what we were building outweighed those risks.  

Fast forward to today. Grandview Analytics has been in business nearly 10 years, we’ve assembled an exceptional team of highly skilled consultants and technologists, and we work with some of the biggest names in financial services. I likely work harder, and care more than I would have, had I stayed on my original career path. It’s probably more stressful at times, but I think it’s more rewarding. I’m happy to say that for me, it was worth the risk.

As we build this company, we’re keenly aware that when we recruit new team members, we’re often asking them to leave comfortable jobs with industry giants to do something new and different. Likewise, we’re asking our employees to keep choosing us, knowing they have valuable skills that they could take anywhere else if they choose.

That’s why we are committed to creating an environment where talent is valued, and individuals feel proud of their association. We’re aware that in addition to fair compensation, today’s professionals expect work-life balance, a respectful culture, and a sense of purpose in their work.

Grandview is recruiting consultants

In the merger of LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, we find a microcosm of the decisions professionals face in their careers. Compensation, risk, and loyalty are all part of the intricate dance that determines one’s career trajectory. The real-life events that are unfolding in the public forum provides us with much to reflect on due to the similarities that can be drawn to the difficult employment decisions that many of us have faced throughout our careers. They remind us that success often hinges on making decisions, oftentimes with incomplete information, that align with our values, goals, and long-term vision.

As we navigate our careers, just like the pro golfers, we must strive for fairness, value, and pride in the organizations we represent. It’s a journey that echoes in the world of sports and resonates in the choices we make throughout our professional lives.

At Grandview Analytics, we understand the complexities of career decisions. Just as the LIV players had to make difficult and potentially risky decisions, so do professionals in the labor market.  We’re currently recruiting consultants who share our passion for helping our clients navigate the complexities of major transformational change within their organization.


Grandview Analytics is a technology consulting and investment data management software company serving financial institutions. We offer data strategy, technology implementation, systems integration, and analytics consulting services as well as an outsourced investment data management and reporting service powered by our proprietary, cloud-based platform, Rivvit.

Our services drive improved business processes, integrated technologies, accurate and timely data, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Our seasoned team of financial industry professionals brings deep business and technical domain expertise across asset classes and trade lifecycle. With hands-on financial industry experience, we execute on complex initiatives that help clients optimize ROI on data and technology investments.



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Chris Lamb

Chris is Co-Founder and President of Grandview Analytics and focuses on running the Consulting Services Practice.


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