Financial technology consulting

With deep financial services industry expertise across asset classes, operational functions, software vendors, and market data providers, Grandview Analytics helps clients modernize their technology environments to drive business success.

Financial technology consulting services

In the highly competitive financial services industry, legacy systems and outdated technologies can impede the ability to adapt quickly, resulting in reduced efficiency, higher operational costs, and increased risk.

Grandview’s financial technology consulting services help clients modernize and align their business processes, data, and technology so they have the tools and information they need to accelerate decision making, optimize workflows, and mitigate risk.

Technology Strategy


Businesses must navigate the dynamic technology landscape.
Crafting a robust technology strategy is at the core of what
we do. We collaborate closely with clients to identify unique
goals and challenges, then develop a tailored roadmap that
aligns technology solutions with business objectives.

Implementation and Integration

and integration

Seamless implementation and integration are vital to leverage technology effectively. We work with clients to ensure chosen solutions are smoothly integrated into existing frameworks. Through meticulous planning and execution, we minimize disruptions and optimize outcomes, leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise data

Efficient data management forms the backbone of modern businesses. Grandview helps clients organize , mobilize, and optimize data assets. We assess data infrastructure, suggest improvements, implement governance frameworks, and ensure controlled accessibility. Harness data as a strategic asset achieve a competitive edge.

Reporting and Analytics

and analytics

Transform raw data into actionable insights by ensuring access to the right data in controlled, transparent frameworks. We build foundations to establish KPIs, design intuitive dashboards, and implement advanced analytics tools. Visualize trends and performance metrics to identify opportunities, track progress, and develop smart business strategies.

How we work together

For each client project, we bring together a best-in-class team to support strategy, planning, and execution of your project as well as provide interim leadership to fill temporary gaps in your organization.

Business Analysts


Requirements gathering and documentation
Team and organizational design
Solution architecture
Test planning and execution
User training and handoff
Data & Technical Analysts

Data & Technical

General ETL

Project Managers


Agile, waterfall, and
hybrid approaches
Outcome owners or PMO

Financial industry experts

At Grandview, our consulting services are underpinned by extensive industry expertise across asset classes, operational functions, software vendors, and market data providers. Our goal is to accelerate your decision-making processes, enhance operational efficiency, and proactively manage risk to drive your success in the financial sector.

Business-driven approach

We recognize that no two organizations are the same, which is why our consultants work closely with clients to create bespoke strategies that align with their specific business goals and challenges. We have developed a repeatable framework to guide the manner in which we deliver. We’ll work hard to become your trusted advisor and partner with simple yet essential actions that we call the Grandview Way:


We prioritize building trust and lasting relationships with clients and stakeholders.


Our commitment to clear and regular communication ensures you’re always in the loop.


We harness individual strengths, foster consensus, and unite teams with a shared purpose.


We provide innovative options, tackle challenges head-on, and deliver results.


Attention to detail matters. We’re dedicated to continuous improvement, never settling for status quo.

Our clients’ success determines our success

Explore how we’ve helped our clients overcome business and technology challenges through tailored solutions and proven expertise.

Premier financial institution upgrades data environment

Asset manager reduces market data spend by 40%

Direct lender overhauls technology stack



Embracing modern technology is no longer an option—it is the key to unleashing untapped potential, driving growth, and achieving a competitive edge. Join us on this transformative journey as we navigate the everchanging technological landscape together, ensuring your business is future-ready and primed for success.