Investment manager integrates investment and accounting books with market data providers to create a single source of truth

Client Profile

Asset Manager with total AUM exceeding $250 billion; consisting of equities, bonds, structured products, bank loans, options, futures, swaps, repurchase agreements, funds, and alternative investments.

Business Situation

Our client spends in excess of eight figures per year on market data and vendor systems and sought to create a centralized data warehouse to support and manage data feeds coming from nearly 20 data sources. Grandview was engaged to provide project management, business analysis, and data analysis support for a high-profile initiative to build a best-in-class, multi-asset class security master that would be used as the foundation to produce a proprietary security analytics and accounting engine and feed downstream trading applications.

Grandview’s Role

Grandview provided program oversight, project management, and business analysis to lead several workstreams including client onboarding, security master, security analytics, accounting, compliance, trading, data integration, and reporting. By interviewing stakeholders within Operations and across sector desks, Grandview built a security-type specific data dictionary and identified data hierarchy and other business rules that defined a source of truth for each data element. Additionally, we reverse engineered and tested ~20 data providers, file transfer protocols files, and extraction methods to transform available data formats into usable data formats that were compatible with the newly developed application.


  • Saved the client in excess of $1 million by eliminating redundant data sources.

  • Designed a multi-asset class security master that produced a secondary source of security analytics and provided accurate inputs into downstream accounting and trading applications.

  • Integrated ~20 data providers to support issuer and security setup, benchmarks, daily pricing, coupon, and factor updates, corporate actions, rating changes, and contract rollforwards for futures, options, and bank loans.