Insurance company outsources data management and reporting using Grandview's Rivvit platform

Client Profile

An insurance company with ~$90 billion in assets allocated across multiple investment managers and accounting systems.

Business Situation

The client outsources their investment management function to multiple investment managers who use Blackrock Aladdin as their Investment Book of Record (IBOR). The client utilizes CAMRA (SS&C Technologies) and ePAM (State Street) internally for their Accounting Book of Record (ABOR). Additionally, the client maintained multiple spreadsheets to track private investment activity, securities lending, and actuarial data for their insurance policies. In total, the client has over 20 unique data sources and 50 report templates that are manually compiled on a periodic basis. 

As an insurance company, the client is also subject to various regulatory filings and liquidity requirements that are audited on a periodic basis. The client started an initiative to create a central data warehouse to support their internal and external reporting needs with the goal of increasing operational efficiency and establishing better process controls.

The client engaged multiple prospective solution providers and ultimately selected Grandview based on the rapid deployment of a working prototype, which proved the flexibility of the Rivvit platform and the team’s detailed knowledge of the underlying asset classes and insurance accounting concepts.


In three months, the client went “live” after Grandview integrated all data sources and developed 50 custom report templates. Additional highlights include:

  • Created a centralized data hub across previously siloed systems, personnel, and data providers.

  • Deployed a portfolio and security master across three legal entities, 30 portfolios, and 6000 unique securities.

  • Migrated 12 months of historical data including 20,000 lot-level positions and 180,000 transactions.

  • Integrated the client’s ABOR and IBOR to add new risk calculations across complex asset types.

  • Increased reporting frequency for reports that were previously too time consuming to produce monthly.

  • Established a data source hierarchy to provide a single source of truth for each data field.

  • Automated model calculations to support stress testing and scenario analysis for key liquidity ratios.

  • Eliminated the need for 3rd party compliance calculation agent; saving $100,000 annually.

  • Tripled the number of accurate and available data fields to allow for future reporting enhancements.