Asset manager integrates with BNY Mellon using Rivvit

Client Profile

An asset manager with $10 billion in assets under management and over 2000 investment accounts. Through their mutual funds, UCITS funds, and separately managed accounts, the firm offers both turnkey and customized investment strategies for institutions and consultants globally.

Business Situation

The client sought a data warehouse solution to support the management of data for their four investment strategies across 28 funds, 46 share classes, and 100+ SMA’s with nearly 1000 investors and a total AUM exceeding $10 billion (USD). On a daily basis, the client receives 20 data files from their Transfer Agent and Custodian, Bank of New York Mellon (and Dublin), including information for funds, daily holdings, transactions, prices, investors, accounts, sub-accounts, sales reps, consultants, agents, and other affiliated parties.

The client’s legacy data process lacked the ability to properly handle backdated accounting transactions, differing holiday schedules between US and Ireland, daily FX conversion, and support a single source of truth for their enterprise data. As a result of these limitations, the client’s reporting processes were manual and labor intensive and lacked the ability to perform time series analysis or provide real-time metrics related to their strategies and relationships.


In three months, Grandview delivered a production ready data warehouse and a white-labeled web portal providing up to date information based on the prior business day close.

  • Developed process to automate the daily ingestion of 20 BNY files.

  • Mapped raw BNY data sources to the Rivvit Investment Data Warehouse to standardize data received from BNY Mellon and Dublin based on the client’s data policy.

  • Ingested 1300+ daily files and reconciled a complete history for YTD holdings and transactions and other time series data.

  • Configured a process to automatically generate master records for new strategies, funds, share classes, investors, accounts, sub-accounts, prices, holdings, transactions, and affiliated parties based on daily incoming data files.

  • Created a singular view of enterprise data across two transfer agents and custodians.

  • Automated the process to roll forward balances for non-business dates to align discrepant data sets reflecting US and Ireland holiday calendars.

  • Implemented foreign currency conversion solution to support reporting in USD for funds denominated in non-USD currencies.

  • Developed interactive dashboards and reports which eliminated the need to manually produce management KPIs using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.