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Vice President

John Garvey is Vice President at Grandview Analytics, with over 10 years of buy-side investment management experience. John’s expertise is in operations where he has been able to drive change by utilizing technology to enhance business systems efficiency and mitigate operational risk.

Prior to joining Grandview, John held roles mainly on the East Coast working at Eaton Vance and Benefit Street Partners. In 2020, he moved to Madison, WI where he worked with American Family Insurance Investments. Most recently, John led efforts as a project manager and business analyst working at a large investment management firm to onboard client mandates and manage the legal agreement process with all trading counterparties.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Keene State College. Originally from Boston, John has lived in England and South Korea but now resides in Madison, WI. John is an avid golfer and enjoys traveling and hiking with his 10-year-old Shiba Inu.